the Primo Restaurant

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The Primo Restaurant is known for its upscale italian dishes made from local farm produce brought straight into the kitchen from farms around Maine. At the Primo Restaurants guests can dine in, stop for a drink at their bar, choose take out, or just visit the restaurants victorian style dining areas.
Many different dining experiences are offered by the Primo Restaurant to its guests in its victorian style restaurant. Downstairs contains multiple rooms that are cozy, comfortable, and have a warm ambiance perfect for a formal celebration. They also have beautiful views of the Primo's farm, so guests can see where some of their food is coming from. The Primo Room offers a more modern atmosphere for bigger groups. The upstairs rooms have been changed little to none from the original home. They are very chic and offer a lively space for guests to dine. Reservations are available and encouraged.

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The farm at Primo covers five acres of land. They produce a variety of fruits and vegetables, herbs, raise animals, and grow a beautiful flower garden. All of this without any chemicals or pesticides, so that the produce is made fresh to take straight to the guests table. This is the Primo's signature because they truly produce their own menu.
The Counter Rooms and Bar are two rooms available to all walk in guests. These rooms are less formal, and bartender and waitresses alike serve guests to the best of their ability. The Counter menu offers some additional dishes to the full menu. Cocktails, beer, wine by glass, wine by bottle, desserts, and dinner are all served.
Take out is one of many services the Primo Restaurant offers, certain dishes are offered everyday to guests based on local farms deliveries. Wines of the day are also offered for take out, and house made Italian bread is offered with every meal. They are open daily from 4:00am - 9:30pm. The farm is always working to make more reliable, environmentally friendly food for everyone.